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We are fortunate in being able to offer a Forest School session on a weekly basis.

Helping children grow in confidence

A study in 2006 showed that children who regularly attend Forest School gain in confidence and independence and that their levels of concentration and ability to retain information are improved. (O’Brien and Murray, 2006) With this in mind we encourage and support all out children to achieve their maximum potential through new experiences within the natural environment.

Whilst at the Forest School, Sue plans activities which cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage e.g. personal, social and emotional development is fostered through encouragement to explore the area independently using trails or treasure hunts – children gain confidence in their own ability to follow the trails and explore the area without an adult.

  • Communication and language is enhanced and developed through the use of new words that are raised whilst on the site.
  • Mathematics is incorporated through the collection and counting of cones, stones etc. and the comparison of lengths of twigs.
  • Expressive arts and design is covered through the use of natural materials to make pictures or mobiles.
  • Physical development is achieved through running, jumping in puddles or picking up leaves or stones and understanding of the world is covered by the questions that the children ask and the answers that they receive.

Dedicated and experienced team

Shelly holds a Level III in Forest School Leadership and is also qualified as an Outdoor First Aider – she revalidated her training recently and is up to date with all Forest School legislation – please feel free to ask her any questions that you may have concerning the sessions or to arrange a visit to the site.