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Cooked Lunch

Your child will have the opportunity to have a cooked dinner which is an additional charge of £2.50 each or you can provide your child with a packed lunch. Lunches are provided by Brooks Services which are situated in Oswestry. We promote healthy eating therefore we encourage you to provide your child with a healthy lunch.

Daily Routine

We feel children benefit from a structured but flexible routine. Therefore, we have implemented a daily routine enabling them to feel safe, secure and stimulated in their new environment.

Partnership with Parents/Carers

Staff liaise with parents/carers to monitor your child’s progress and development by using a key person system. We want to support you and your child during their early years to make it a successful, stable and safe process. It is important to us that you are involved with your child’s learning and development, therefore, we ask you to read your child’s learning stories and to write any comments and views.


Tapestry is an on-line personal Learning Journey which records photos, observations and comments on your child which links to the Early Years Foundation Stage which builds your child’s learning with us at Explorers at Trefonen.

Tapestry is a system which is hosted in the UK on a secure server. You will have secure access to your child’s information by setting up using your email address and a password. In addition, you can upload photos and make comments on your child’s learning. You can also download the app onto your mobile phone.

Home School Bags

We provide all children with a home school bag, this includes a story book from our library which you share with your child and a communication book for you to write any information we need to know, comments, questions, or to give us feedback on any aspect of the setting or an event/trip.

Home Visits

We understand the importance of forming strong relationships between children and practitioners; therefore, we like to give you the opportunity of a home visit. This involves your child’s key person and another member of staff visiting you and your child in his/her home environment, allowing your child to share his/her home experiences with their key person, which enhances their relationship. If possible, the visit will be arranged prior to your child starting at Explorers at Trefonen.